Annual Child-Friendly Events in Coachella Valley You Can’t Miss

February 29, 2024

Welcoming families from near and far, Coachella Valley is home to a delightful collection of Coachella child-friendly events that promise joy and entertainment for the young ones. Imagine their eyes lighting up at a family-friendly festival at Coachella, where the spirit of community and celebration is matched only by the array of fun-filled activities designed just for them. The Valley is not merely about the globally-renowned music scene; it holds a treasure trove of Coachella activities for children, leading to memories that last a lifetime. From interactive exhibits to cultural parades and spectacular light shows, this corner of the world is ready to welcome your family with open arms and endless smiles.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a myriad of family-oriented festivals that cater to children’s delight at Coachella.
  • Build unforgettable memories with your kids at cultural celebrations and interactive parades.
  • Indulge in the seasonal magic with captivating light displays perfect for family outings.
  • Stay at child-friendly accommodations like the Coachella Lakes RV Resort to enhance your visit.
  • Take advantage of a variety of Coachella Valley events that are designed to entertain and engage visitors of all ages.
  • Coachella isn’t just for music lovers; it’s a playground for childhood wonder and family bonding.

Discover Coachella Child-Friendly Events for Year-Round Fun

Children's activities at Coachella

As you plan your family’s calendar for the year, remember that the Coachella Valley brims with child-friendly events that defy the seasons. Mark your year with joyous gatherings and celebrations specifically designed to delight the young ones and engage the entire family. Here’s a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of kid-friendly entertainment at Coachella that awaits:

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the Indio International Tamale Festival. Here, children’s activities at Coachella extend beyond delicious eats, offering carnival rides, games, and live entertainment sure to provoke laughter and joy.
  • Feel the rhythm and join the community cheer at Palm Springs’ Festival of Lights Parade. This event encapsulates the charm of Coachella child-friendly events with high-school bands marching, dazzling floats, and much-loved character appearances.
  • Engage with the arts at the Family Day during Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. Beyond the headlining concerts, find curated zones offering hands-on art projects, interactive games, and performances perfect for all ages.
  • Savor every moment at the various food festivals that Coachella is famous for. These feasts offer not just a sensory journey for the adults, but also provide plenty of fun activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience for the little ones.

From the sounds of music to the sights of parades and the taste of global cuisines, Coachella presents endless possibilities for kid-friendly entertainment. Engage in these activities that not only entertain but also create lasting memories for your children.

Experience the Magic of Coachella’s Wildlights Exhibit

Wildlights display at Coachella

As you plan your family’s holiday season festivities, the Wildlights display at Coachella at The Living Desert in Palm Desert is a must-visit event that will dazzle and delight. This enchanting nighttime experience opens up a world of festive wonder for both young and old.

Family-friendly activities at Coachella take a spectacular turn as you walk through an array of wonderfully illuminated animal sculptures, cast in a glowing light that brings the desert to life after dark. Imagine the excitement in your children’s eyes as they gaze upon the towering 30-foot Christmas tree, shimmering with thousands of twinkling lights.

The Wildlights exhibit is a prime example of Coachella child-friendly events, offering more than just visuals. It’s an interactive affair, with the opportunity to meet Santa himself and embark on a train ride that meanders through a scenic 3,300-foot track—completing the perfect holiday outing.

  1. Secure your tickets in advance due to the reservation-based entry.
  2. Attend this event with your family on weekends up till December 30.
  3. Don’t miss the magical tunnel of lights, a highlight for visitors every year.

This holiday extravaganza not only celebrates the joy of the season but also creates unforgettable memories. It’s moments like these that families treasure, wrapped up in the warmth of Coachella’s community spirit. Take part in a tradition that has been igniting the hearts of families for years—come and experience the Wildlights exhibit.

Kid-Friendly Festival Events at Coachella’s Empire Polo Club

Family-Friendly Festival at Coachella

Prepare your family for an enchanting journey through the Magic of Lights at the Empire Polo Club, a destination known for hosting kid-friendly festival events at Coachella. This family-friendly festival at Coachella offers an opportunity to bask in the glow of festive holiday lights from the comfort of your vehicle, making it an ideal child-oriented attraction. Here’s why this Coachella child-friendly event should be on your must-visit list this holiday season:

  • Drive-Through Brilliance: Experience the wonder of the season with a drive-through extravaganza, featuring twinkling displays and magical light sculptures—all from the warmth and safety of your car.
  • Simplified Pricing: Forget about per-person costs; the Magic of Lights offers a one-time fee per vehicle, allowing your entire family to delight in the luminous spectacle without additional expense hurdles.
  • Optimal Timing: Planning your visit during a weekday can enhance the charm of the experience by avoiding the crowds, affording you a more personal and tranquil light-viewing adventure.

As the holiday spirit takes over the Empire Polo Club, don’t miss out on the chance to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Coachella’s winter wonderland awaits, promising a joyful escapade into the world of lights that’s guaranteed to captivate visitors of all ages.

Get Active with Family-Friendly Sports Tournaments

Family-Friendly Sports at Coachella

When you think of Coachella, vibrant music scenes and delicious food might spring to mind, but there’s an energetic world of family-friendly sports at Coachella waiting for you and your family. Mingling with the festival’s arts and culinary delights, sports tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to get active and enjoy some friendly competition.

  • The American Express golf tournament – Known for bringing together some of the finest players, it’s an event where both adults and children can revel in the thrill of the game and marvel at the skills on display. This tournament not only presents top-tier golf action but also offers junior clinics for budding young golfers.
  • BNP Paribas Open – It’s not just the adults that get all the tennis fun; this premier event also includes activities tailored for children, making it an inclusive experience for families who love the sport.
  • Pueblo Unido Golf Championship – An event with a heart, as it focuses on giving back to the community while fostering the spirit of competition. It’s an ideal way to introduce your children to the importance of community along with the enjoyment of sports.

Coachella doesn’t forget about the young athletes who are keen on running. With the Ready, Set, Run! program, kids aged 8 to 14 can participate in a structured environment that teaches them about setting goals, staying disciplined, and the joy of running. This initiative not only prepares them for a 5k but also imparts valuable life skills that go beyond the race itself. If you’re looking for kid-friendly events at Coachella that offer something more than entertainment, this blend of physical activity and character building is not to be missed.

Whether your family is full of sports aficionados or you’re just looking to engage in some fun Coachella activities for children, you’ll find an event that suits everyone’s tastes. Coachella’s sporting events emphasize involvement and enjoyment, ensuring that each member of your family can take part in the energetic festivities.

Engage with Art and Culture at Coachella Valley Events

When you think of Coachella, music and festivals might jump to the forefront of your mind. Yet there’s a rich tapestry of family-friendly experiences at Coachella that delve into the arts and culture of the region. An oasis of creativity awaits you and your family, offering a diverse spectrum of Coachella Valley cultural events that promise to both educate and entertain attendees of all ages.

Modernism Week showcases not just Palm Springs’ iconic midcentury architecture, but also offers tours, lectures, and films that will fascinate and inspire. This event suits families perfectly, especially if you have a penchant for design and history.

For film-loving families, the Palm Springs International Film Festival is a must-visit. Offerings range from thought-provoking documentaries to family-friendly features, making it a vibrant cultural experience where you can introduce the younger members of your family to the magic of cinema.

Those with a love for style should not miss out on Fashion Week El Paseo. As the largest fashion week on the West Coast, your family can witness stunning runway shows and designer showcases that light up the desert with glam and sophistication.

Art enthusiasts young and old will be captivated by the artwork displayed at the La Quinta Art Celebration. It’s a gathering point for artists and community members to appreciate art in various forms. Here, your family can engage directly with artists, experience live entertainment, and even bring home a piece of the Coachella Valley’s artistic spirit.

  1. Modernism Week – Explore architecture and design
  2. Palm Springs International Film Festival – Enjoy a broad spectrum of cinematic works
  3. Fashion Week El Paseo – Witness the latest trends and designs
  4. La Quinta Art Celebration – Interact with artists and their masterpieces

These events serve as a testament to the multifaceted attractions Coachella has to offer beyond the music. With compelling Coachella child-friendly events rooted in culture, your next trip to the Valley is bound to be an enriching experience for the entire family.

Spring Offers for a Memorable Coachella Getaway

When you set your sights on the iconic Coachella Valley for your next family escape, bask in the assurance that Coachella Lakes RV Resort will elevate your stay with its premium Coachella Valley family-friendly accommodation. Picture yourself unwinding in the heart of comfort, with the resort’s opulent amenities and strategic position offering easy access to the valley’s most delightful events and attractions.

Imagine soaking up the warm desert sun as you and your loved ones splash in a sparkling pool, a mere precursor to the array of adventures that await you. The Coachella getaway offers are tailored to families looking for both relaxation and excitement in equal measure. Take a moment to consider all that lies at your doorstep when you choose this unparalleled retreat:

  • Proximity to a multitude of child-friendly activities and events, ensuring your itinerary is packed with joyful memories in the making.
  • Luxuriously appointed RV accommodations framed by picturesque landscapes, a hallmark of true Californian leisure.

Your Coachella journey deserves an accommodation experience that not only matches but enhances every aspect of your visit. Secure your spot at Coachella Lakes RV Resort and transform a simple getaway into an unforgettable family odyssey.

Foodies Rejoice: Savor Coachella’s Culinary Delights

When you think of Coachella, it’s not just the soundwaves that tantalize the senses but also the aromatic flavors and culinary creations. For those seeking memorable Coachella culinary experiences, the valley serves up a palatable playlist of food festivals and dining options that are sure to satisfy all family members.

As a family-friendly festival at Coachella, the Indio International Tamale Festival stands out as a must-visit culinary destination. Imagine unwrapping the corn husk to reveal a steaming, flavorful tamale, with options raging from traditional recipes to innovative gourmet twists — this is a place where families come together to enjoy the richness of local culture through food.

  • Sizzling BBQ delights at Guy Fieri’s Stagecoach Smokehouse
  • Artisanal treats and refreshing drinks at vendor booths
  • Interactive cooking demonstrations for all ages

Widen your gastronomic horizons at other notable Coachella Valley food festivals, each offering unique tastes and experiences. Whether indulging in slow-roasted BBQ at Stagecoach or exploring international cuisine, these festivals are gatherings that invite you and your loved ones to explore a world of flavors in a welcoming, jubilant atmosphere.

Embrace the culinary adventure that awaits at Coachella’s varied feasts and fairs. Your journey through Coachella’s flavors will be as rich and diverse as the valley’s famed cultural tapestry.

Coachella’s Exceptional Film Festivals for the Aspiring Young Cinephiles

Coachella Valley is not just about the famous music scene – it’s also a hub for kid-friendly entertainment at Coachella with a cinematic twist. When you and your family are looking for an immersive experience into the world of film, Coachella’s array of film festivals are not to be missed. These festivals are a delightful way to introduce your children to the diversity and magic of filmmaking, offering something much deeper than your typical movie outing.

Parents seeking Coachella activities for children will be pleased to find that many Coachella Valley film festivals are designed with young audiences in mind. These events not only showcase a variety of films that cater to different age groups and interests but also provide educational panels and discussions, making them both entertaining and informative.

  • The American Documentary Film Festival, known for its thought-provoking and inspiring real-life stories, provides a great starting point for older children and teenagers interested in the documentary genre.
  • The Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival is a classic choice for families who appreciate the bygone era of black-and-white cinema and hard-boiled detective stories, blending education with entertainment.

These film festivals offer unique opportunities for you and your family to expand your understanding of the arts and foster a love for storytelling. Next time you’re planning your Coachella itinerary, consider adding these festivals to your schedule for a dose of Hollywood glamour right here in the desert.


The Coachella Valley is a vibrant playground of imagination and wonder for families, a place where Coachella child-friendly events are in rich supply across all seasons. Throughout the year, this desert oasis springs to life with an enviable variety of family-friendly activities at Coachella, ensuring that every family visit is brimming with opportunity for joy and exploration. Whether you’re mastering the art of relaxation on the manicured expanses of the Empire Polo Club or basking in the glow of the Wildlights exhibit’s luminescent beauty, you and your loved ones are guaranteed to collect moments to treasure for a lifetime.

Each event in the valley is designed with families in mind, often blending education with entertainment to create experiences that are as enriching as they are enjoyable. Catered to both the young and the young-at-heart, the events foster not just amusement, but meaningful family connections. The remarkable range of Coachella Valley events for kids allows your family to engage with the community and culture in a way that is interactive and infinitely memorable.

When you plan your next visit, let the diverse offerings of Coachella’s family-oriented festivities guide your itinerary. Consider making Coachella Lakes RV Resort your home away from home to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is captivating. As you delve into the heart of the Valley’s communal celebrations, you’re investing in more than just leisure; you’re charting a course in the art of shared experience and joyous family living. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and prepare for an adventure that will delight every member of your family, at every turn, in the enchanting lands of Coachella Valley.


What are some annual child-friendly events in Coachella Valley?

Coachella Valley is home to many child-friendly events that happen annually. Some popular family-oriented attractions include the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which has areas dedicated to kids, the Wildlights exhibit at The Living Desert, and the festive Magic of Lights at the Empire Polo Club. Additionally, the Indio International Tamale Festival and the Festival of Lights Parade in Palm Springs are events that are sure to delight children and adults alike.

Are there year-round family-friendly activities in Coachella?

Absolutely! Coachella Valley offers a variety of year-round activities for families. From sports tournaments like The American Express golf tournament and the BNP Paribas Open to art and culture events such as Modernism Week and the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Children’s workshops, educational outings, and family-friendly entertainment options are available throughout the year in Coachella Valley.

What makes the Wildlights exhibit at Coachella special for families?

The Wildlights exhibit at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a holiday tradition that transforms the desert into a sparkling winter wonderland. It’s special because families can enjoy illuminated animal figures, a dazzling tunnel of lights, a 30-foot-tall Christmas tree, and many more festive displays. There’s also a Santa meet-and-greet and a train ride that adds to the magic of the season, making it a cherished event for families.

Can children attend Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals?

Yes, children can attend Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. These events offer kid-friendly festival events at Coachella’s Empire Polo Club, where families can enjoy music, art, and various other entertainments. It’s recommended to check each festival’s guidelines and provisions for children since areas and benefits may differ.

What kind of family-friendly sports events can we find in Coachella Valley?

Coachella Valley caters to sports-loving families with events like The American Express golf tournament and the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament. There are also local events like the Pueblo Unido Golf Championship and the Ready, Set, Run! program for children, which encourages physical activity and teaches valuable life skills through sports.

How can families engage with art and culture in Coachella Valley?

Families can engage with the vibrant art and culture scene in Coachella Valley through a wide range of events. Modernism Week offers a celebration of midcentury architecture and design, the Palm Springs International Film Festival showcases an international selection of films, and events like Fashion Week El Paseo and the La Quinta Art Celebration provide opportunities for families to enjoy fashion and art together.

What accommodations are recommended for families visiting Coachella Valley?

For families visiting Coachella Valley, staying at Coachella Lakes RV Resort is highly recommended. This resort offers family-friendly accommodations with amenities that can enhance a family vacation. Comfortable lodging and easy access to the region’s child-friendly attractions make it an ideal choice for travelers with children.

Where can families experience Coachella’s culinary scene?

Families can dive into Coachella’s diverse culinary scene by attending events like the Indio International Tamale Festival or enjoying Guy Fieri’s Stagecoach Smokehouse during the Stagecoach music festival. Coachella Valley is home to a plethora of dining options that cater to all tastes, from local delights to international cuisines, ensuring that there’s something for every family member to enjoy.

Are there any film festivals in Coachella Valley suitable for young cinephiles?

Yes, Coachella Valley hosts several film festivals that are suitable for young cinephiles including the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the American Documentary Film Festival. These events showcase a diverse selection of films, from documentaries to international narratives, providing an educational and inspiring outing for families and film enthusiasts.

Why should families consider Coachella Valley for their next vacation?

Families should consider Coachella Valley for their next vacation due to its wide array of child-friendly events and activities. Whether it’s enjoying music festivals, exploring light exhibits, participating in sports, or experiencing the local arts, Coachella Valley offers year-round fun for all ages. Coupled with family-friendly accommodations and a vibrant culinary scene, it’s an excellent destination for creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

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