As you plan your next family getaway, consider the sun-drenched city of Palm Springs, a desert playground brimming with Palm Springs Kids Attractions. Renowned for its family-friendly environment, Palm Springs boasts a variety of attractions to keep your little ones entertained. Whether you’re seeking educational enrichment, a dash of adventure, or a splash of fun, you’ll discover an array of children’s entertainment options that are as diverse and vibrant as the landscape itself.

Imagine your children’s faces lighting up with discovery and delight as you explore the numerous family-friendly activities Palm Springs has to offer. From serene nature trails offering interactive outdoor experiences to the adrenaline-rush of amusement parks, Palm Springs caters to all whims. Picture a place where every day presents a new adventure – a treasure hunt where each stop is a fun attraction for kids in Palm Springs.

Whether it’s bonding over mini-golf, learning about the rich cultural heritage, or simply giggling on a water slide, Palm Springs serves as the perfect backdrop for memorable family vacation ideas. Embrace the joy, laughter, and excitement that await you in this desert oasis and make lifelong memories with your loved ones. Here are the top attractions you won’t want to miss during your visit.

Key Takeaways

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: Gateway to Scenic Beauty

Imagine a journey where the earth falls away beneath you, and the vistas of the Coachella Valley unfold as you ascend. Your adventure begins with the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, an engineering marvel that propels you to the heights of Chino Canyon. Perfect for outdoor activities for children in Palm Springs, this tramway experience is often considered one of the top attractions for kids in Palm Springs, offering an exhilarating ride that captivates all ages.

The 10-minute trip transports you in a rotating tram car, a feature that ensures a 360-degree panorama of the stunning desert below. As you reach the summit of Mt. San Jacinto State Park, a playground of natural wonders awaits. Whether you’re visiting for the thrill of the ride or the promise of exploration, the Aerial Tramway stands out among Palm Springs family-friendly attractions.

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s an invitation to step outside the ordinary, into a realm where nature’s beauty takes center stage. Whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquility, this aerial journey is one that your family will treasure.

Discover the Wild at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Kids enjoying The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

When searching for kids-friendly places in Palm Springs, look no further than The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. This unique sanctuary highlights the diverse desert ecosystems from around the world and invites you and your family to engage in a hands-on learning adventure. Offering more than just the expected zoo experience, it’s a place where the wonders of nature come alive through interactive encounters and conservation education.

Imagine the excitement as your children embark on outdoor activities for children in Palm Springs like feeding towering giraffes or taking a memorable camel ride. It’s not every day they get to come face-to-face with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens doesn’t just show animals; it tells their stories, highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship.

As a beacon among Palm Springs family-friendly attractions, The Living Desert ensures that every visit is packed with opportunities for exploration and learning. The zoo’s dedication to showcasing animals in naturalistic habitats makes it a leader in conservation and a prime destination for igniting a lifelong love of the natural world. Visit The Living Desert on your Palm Springs trip for an unforgettable experience that your whole family will cherish.

Engaging Minds at the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

If you’re searching for family-friendly activities in Palm Springs, a visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert offers an enriching option. This vibrant museum tops the list of educational attractions in Palm Springs and sparks the curiosity of young ones. Here, your family vacation ideas become realities, as children have the opportunity to delve into an interactive world designed to both educate and entertain.

The museum’s hands-on approach to learning makes every visit a unique adventure. With a vast array of exhibits covering science, nature, and the arts, kids are encouraged to actively explore and engage with the educational material. It’s a place where learning feels like playtime, ensuring your little ones absorb valuable knowledge while having a blast.

Whether it’s understanding the physics behind a pulley system or uncovering the secrets of the desert ecosystem, the museum is poised to ignite a thirst for knowledge in youth. The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert stands out as an essential stop for Palm Springs family vacation ideas, ensuring that your trip includes moments of joyous discovery and hands-on fun that will be remembered for years to come.

Palm Springs Kids Attractions: Indian Canyons’ Natural Wonders

Indian Canyons Family Hiking Trails

When you’re on the hunt for exceptional outdoor activities for children in Palm Springs, Indian Canyons offers an escape into nature that the whole family can enjoy. As you stroll along the well-mapped trails, you’re enveloped in a realm of stunning vistas where rock formations stand as silent sentinels over the landscape, and ancient palm groves sway gently in the breeze.

The heart of the canyons is alive with sights and sounds that evoke a sense of wonder. With each step, you’ll encounter beautiful waterfalls cascading into serene pools—perfect spots for a restful picnic and a chance to absorb the tranquility around you. But these Palm Springs kids attractions are more than just picturesque; they’re steeped in the rich heritage of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.

While there are many things to do with kids in Palm Springs, Indian Canyons stands out as a destination that promises adventure, education, and reflection all in one visit. Make sure to bring your camera and your sense of curiosity as you embark on an adventure that’s sure to create lasting family memories.

Family Fun at the Palm Springs Air Museum

As you plan your Palm Springs family vacation, consider the Palm Springs Air Museum for a day filled with educational exploration and interactive fun. This venue ranks as a top destination among fun attractions for kids in Palm Springs, offering a rare glimpse into the aviation feats of the past. Get ready to engage in a unique historical adventure that excites the imagination of children and adults alike.

Imagine the excitement as your kids step inside authentic World War II cockpits. The museum’s collection, featuring fully operational aircraft, transports you back in time to witness the engineering marvels of the 20th century. From the Korean War to the Vietnam War, each plane tells a story of bravery and technological innovation.

Recognized as one of the premier educational attractions in Palm Springs, the Air Museum enriches your family’s vacation experience with its hands-on exhibits and passionate storytelling. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your Palm Springs getaway both memorable and meaningful with a visit to this iconic museum.

Outdoor Exploration at the Coachella Valley Preserve

Scenic view of Coachella Valley Preserve

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with your family at the Coachella Valley Preserve, a natural jewel in the Palm Springs area. This sprawling sanctuary provides a plethora of outdoor activities for children in Palm Springs, guaranteeing an educational and enriching experience. Nature’s playground awaits you, offering a tapestry of trails set against the stunning backdrop of the desert landscape.

Step onto the McCallum Trail, where you can stroll amidst towering palm trees that rise from the refreshing waters tumbling along the San Andreas Fault. With no entrance fee, joy and exploration in this oasis are accessible to all. Furthermore, the Simon Pond route is a window to the preserve’s ecological diversity, offering views that are a sight to behold.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories with your loved ones. The Coachella Valley Preserve not only offers top things to do with kids in Palm Springs, but it’s a place where the heart of the desert’s beauty beats strongly for all to experience.

Relaxation and Play at Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

Are you searching for the perfect blend of leisure and recreation to include in your Palm Springs family vacation ideas? Look no further than Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa. Nestled in the heart of Rancho Mirage, this resort exemplifies the ultimate in family-friendly activities in Palm Springs.

Imagine a day where the toughest decision you’ll face is choosing between floating along a lazy river or embarking on a sliding adventure. That’s the experience awaiting you and your family at Rancho Las Palmas, where the emphasis is placed squarely on enjoyment for all ages.

A visit to Rancho Las Palmas isn’t just a holiday; it’s a chance for each member of the family to indulge in their idea of fun, all within the convenience and luxury of a single location. It’s no wonder that this resort is synonymous with Palm Springs kids attractions, making it a compelling choice for families looking to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Historical Journeys at the Indian Canyons Hiking Trails

Indian Canyons Hiking Trails with kids

When searching for things to do with kids in Palm Springs, consider immersing your family in the natural splendor and historical significance of the Indian Canyons Hiking Trails. These paths meander through landscapes rich in cultural heritage, making it a perfect destination for both exercise and learning. Your kids will love the outdoor activities available along these trails. As you explore, you’re likely to encounter serene palm oases and ancient artifacts, bridging the connection between past and present.

As you challenge your family with the physical terrain, you’ll also have the chance to teach your children about the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. Their storied history permeates the canyon, infusing your hike with rich tales of traditions and respect for the land. It’s a hands-on history lesson that will captivate as much as it educates.

One visit to the trails will make it clear why they are considered one of the top Palm Springs kids attractions. Not only will your children be engaged in healthful outdoor activities for children in Palm Springs, but their experiences here will resonate long after the day is done. Lace up your hiking boots, pack plenty of water and snacks, and set off for a day of adventure that’s both scenic and symbolic of the enduring spirit of the Agua Caliente people.

Splashing Fun at Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs

When the Palm Springs sun heats up your family vacation, Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs provides a water-filled wonderland that’s perfect for cooling down and ramping up the thrill factor. This standout among Palm Springs kids attractions is not just any water park—it’s a complete fun zone with attractions meant to bring out the smiles and laughter of everyone, from toddlers to teens and the young-at-heart.

With a host of rides that range from serene to extreme, Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs ensures that every family member finds their favorite way to beat the heat. Seekers of serenity can float along a lazy river, while adrenaline aficionados will find their match on high-speed water slides. Here’s what you can look forward to:

On your quest for fun attractions for kids in Palm Springs, you’ll find that Wet ‘n’ Wild is teeming with options that cater to every mood and desire. Prepare for a day packed with action or choose to unwind and relax. Either way, you’re set for an unforgettable component of your Palm Springs family vacation. Take the plunge and watch as the park’s waves of enjoyment wash over you and your family!


Embarking on a journey to Palm Springs with your family introduces you to a vibrant world of Palm Springs Kids Attractions. Whether it’s feeling the rush of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway as it soars over the Chino Canyon, stepping into the shoes of aviators past at the Air Museum, or exploring the verdant trails of the Indian Canyons, each experience is a gateway to both adrenaline and tranquility. The city is a dynamic canvas offering a plethora of family-friendly activities in Palm Springs that promises to captivate children and adults alike.

Your adventure through Palm Springs is imbued with opportunities for learning and delight. The hands-on exhibits at the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert foster inquisitive minds, while the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens inspire with up-close encounters with nature. Each attraction you visit will be a chapter of fond memories; a testament to the rich array of children’s entertainment Palm Springs offers. This destination melds the thrill of exploration with the joys of family bonding, setting the scene for stories you’ll share for years to come.

As you sketch out your Palm Springs family vacation ideas, consider the Coachella Lakes RV Resort as your family’s base camp. Here, you can immerse yourself in the natural splendor that surrounds Palm Springs while enjoying home comfort in between your excursions. Palm Springs isn’t just a location on the map; it’s a magnetic place where laughter echoes against desert backdrops, and the spirit of adventure is fueled by the wonder in every child’s eyes. Your next family getaway awaits, promising a treasure chest of experiences found nowhere else but here in the heart of Coachella Valley.


What are some top attractions for kids in Palm Springs?

Five must-visit attractions in Palm Springs for kids include the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert, Indian Canyons, and the Palm Springs Air Museum. Each offers unique educational and entertainment experiences suitable for a family vacation.

Are there family-friendly outdoor activities in Palm Springs?

Yes, Palm Springs is abundant with family-friendly outdoor activities. You can explore the natural beauty at Indian Canyons, take a scenic ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, discover wildlife at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, hike the trails at Coachella Valley Preserve, and enjoy a day of fun at Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs.

Can children learn while having fun in Palm Springs?

Absolutely. Palm Springs offers various educational attractions that make learning fun. At the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert and the Palm Springs Air Museum, kids can engage in hands-on activities and interactive exhibits that teach them about science, history, and aviation in an engaging way.

What makes the Indian Canyons a must-visit spot for families?

Indian Canyons is a natural wonder that offers serene beauty, hiking trails, and cultural history. Families can enjoy picnics, explore ancient palm groves, and learn about the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, who have preserved this land.

Where can families find water-based fun in Palm Springs?

Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs is a water park that offers a variety of slides, pools, and play areas perfect for beating the heat and providing fun for the entire family. With attractions ranging from thrilling to relaxed, it’s a great spot for children to enjoy water-based fun.

What is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway experience like?

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway provides a unique experience taking visitors from the desert floor to the heights of the San Jacinto Mountains in rotating tram cars, offering panoramic views. At the top, you’ll find dining, hiking, and breathtaking nature.

Is there a place in Palm Springs where kids can interact with animals?

Yes, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens allows children to have up-close encounters with animals, such as giraffe feedings and camel rides. It’s a place where they can learn about desert ecosystems and conservation efforts in a hands-on environment.

Are there any family-oriented resorts in Palm Springs?

Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage offers a family-oriented experience with amenities like swimming pools, water slides, a lazy river, and activities for kids, catering to the relaxation needs of adults and the entertainment of children.

How can families explore Palm Springs history and culture?

Families can explore the cultural and historical aspects of Palm Springs by visiting the Indian Canyons Hiking Trails, where they can see indigenous artifacts and learn about the area’s original inhabitants while enjoying the great outdoors.

Are there attractions in Palm Springs suitable for children of all ages?

Yes, many attractions in Palm Springs cater to kids of all ages. From the adventurous tram ride and playful water park to the educational museums and nature preserves, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on a family vacation to Palm Springs.

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